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MeblujemyDOM supports all activities aimed at ensuring data security and raising awareness in this regard. Below we present details regarding the rules for processing your personal data and cookies used by our Store. The information was prepared in accordance with the regulation of the European Parliament and the EU Council on the protection of personal data and their free movement, which entered into force on May 25, 2018. This privacy policy also determines your rights.


The administrator, which is the entity deciding how your personal data will be used, is the company MP STUDIO based in Łęka Opatowska at ul. Lipowa 14, 63-645 Łęka Opatowska NIP 619-196-88-26, REGON 302514120 (hereinafter referred to as "MP STUDIO" or "Administrator"), which is also an Online Store Service Provider available at (hereinafter referred to as "MeblujemyDOM" or "Store") and the Seller.


We have appointed a Personal Data Inspector and a contact address for all issues regarding personal data. If you would like to contact us on this matter, please write to us at or send a letter to the address "MP STUDIO", ul. Lipowa 14, 63-645 Łęka Opatowska, POLAND with the inscription "My personal data".


Providing personal data as part of using our online store is voluntary. However, in the case of the sale of goods or services offered by our Store, the transfer of data may be necessary. We collect your data during registration on our website, MeblujemyDOM (on and when subscribing to the newsletter. Additional personal data, such as your home address, telephone number, company name or your NIP number, we receive from you in connection with the sale of goods and services. We also collect personal data in relation to your complaints and within your email or telephone contact with our consultants. Your personal data may also be provided to us by third parties at your request. This applies to the situation in which you want to register in our website using the social media functionality and our partners:

  1. Facebook
  2. Google+
  3. PayPal

If you use the ability to log in using the functionality of any of the above partners, you will first be asked by him to confirm that he can provide us with your data to the extent necessary to register on the site. With your consent, the partner will provide us with some of your data for registration in our store. To complete the registration process, it may be necessary to supplement your profile with additional personal data. After creating an account on our website, you will be able to log in to our store using the functionalities offered by our partners.


We process yours in the following areas:

  1. first name and last name,
  2. company name (if you run it),
  3. address,
  4. delivery addresses,
  5. tax identification number (if you run a business),
  6. e-mail adress,
  7. Phone number,
  8. age range,
  9. transaction history (including what and when you bought, rebate codes used, payment methods),
  10. your bank and bank account number from which you made payments,
  11. the type, number and expiration date of the credit card,
  12. information on how you use our services (if you agree to cookies *),
  13. the IP number from which you communicate with our service,
  14. information about the device you use when visiting our site, including its setting (eg browser, screen resolution),
  15. history of your communication with us,
  16. data from publicly available sources,
  17. information about the sources of obtaining your data,
  18. your complaints,
  19. your opinions,
  20. additional information about yourself that you could have included in the e-mail correspondence or that you could have provided during the telephone conversation with our consultant,
  21. the permission you gave.

* Cookies are small text files commonly used on the Internet, stored on your end device. You can control the way cookies are handled using your browser settings (you can set acceptance or block cookies). Blocking cookies may affect the inability to register or log in to your account on the site, and thus the inability to make a purchase.
We use cookies for the following purposes

  1. login support - verification of the connection between the user and our server (Store does not store information identifying individual users in cookies, but only data regarding the connection),
  2. content presentation - protection by displaying the same content to the user again,
  3. support for forms - protection of the service against the operation of robots (computer programs used to automatically examine the content of a website),
  4. presenting profiled offers,
  5. statistics - building anonymous statistics of visits to our website.

More information on the use of cookies in our store can be found HERE.


We process your personal data to ensure the functionality of our online store, in accordance with its Regulations. This means, among others access to the possibility of registering on the website and subscribing to our newsletter. As part of the Store, you can also contact us through a special form that allows us to quickly answer your questions and concerns. If you decide to make a purchase in our store, your data will be used for the purposes of the sale transaction. This includes, in particular, receipt of payment from you, delivery of products to the place indicated by you, issuing sales documents, settlement of services provided (eg a request for issuing opinions in the store or external service) and allowing you to use the rights under the manufacturer's warranty or warranty. We also process your data in order to provide additional services related to the goods you have purchased (eg consumer credit, assembly, change of parameters, and the service of bringing the goods). In these cases, your personal data will be shared with the appropriate service provider responsible for the service. We also implement marketing goals in relation to the processing of your data, which means promoting our range of products and services. As part of our marketing, we can present offers and promotions tailored to your interests on our website. For this purpose, we perform profiling activities, which, however, will in no case affect your rights or freedoms.


The legal basis for the processing of your personal data results directly from art. 6 par. 1 of the European Parliament and Council Regulation on the protection of personal data and the method of their flow. It depends on the purpose for which we process the data. And yes:

  1. Your personal data provided for the purposes of registration at and in connection with subscribing to the newsletter, we process in order to perform the contract for the provision of electronic services;
  2. We process your personal data provided when shopping on our site in order to comply with the sales contract, and subsequently also to enable you to take advantage of the manufacturer's warranty or warranty entitlement;
  3. In connection with the sale of goods or services, we are legally obliged to process data, for example related to accounting;
  4. If you ordered the delivery of the purchased goods with us to your home or to another address, then the data in this respect will be processed on the basis of your order (performance of the contract);
  5. Data about your use of the website, which we get through we process cookies on the basis of your consent, expressed in accordance with art. 173 of the telecommunications law;
  6. To the extent that we want to ask you for an opinion about a given product or service - your data in this area will be processed with the appointment of the so-called justified administrator's interest, what we have in order to constantly improve our services and product offer;
  7. All of your data, which we have as a data administrator, we also process for marketing purposes with the appointment of the so-called legitimate interest of the controller of personal data. Marketing goals include, in particular, presenting profiled offers and promotions that may interest you.


Recipient of data processed by MP STUDIO is IAI S.A. with headquarters in Szczecin (hereinafter "IAI"), ul. Aleja Piastów 30, 71-064 Szczecin, of which MP STUDIO entrusts the processing of personal data as part of the hosting service agreement, quick IAI Pay online payments and website presentation. All customer data collected in connection with the use of our online store or in the contact forms provided for this purpose are stored on IAI servers. Data processing on other servers takes place only to the extent specified in this privacy policy. We do not sell your data and do not make it commercially available to third parties. We transfer your data only when it is necessary to perform the services that you order. We may pass your personal data to our partners:

  1. courier companies - in order to deliver the purchased goods to the address you indicated in the order;
  2. transport companies - in order to deliver the purchased goods to the address which you indicated during the purchase and in order to carry out bringing the apartment or its assembly;
  3. companies and manufacturers responsible for the repair of products in the event you make a warranty claim or warranty;
  4. marketing agencies, that help us create interesting offers and promotions and help us in ongoing communication with our clients;
  5. companies collecting opinions about products and shops - they help us if you want to share your opinion about the product or impressions of using our website.

For each of these purposes, we only provide data that is necessary to achieve it. In the case of payment transactions, in relation to the purchases you make, your personal details necessary to make the payment are made available to intermediaries in payment processing, including:

  1. IAI Pay payment system
  2. PayPal payment system


We will process your data only for a period during which we will have a legal basis for it. The processing period depends on the following situations:

  1. Registration in our Store and/or subscribing to the newsletter - for the period you are registered / saved - until you unsubscribe from the website / newsletter; after this period, your data will be processed for purposes related to the control of our activities, to which we are obliged by the provisions on the protection of personal data and the period of limitation of your claims, but not longer than 10 years;
  2. Sales implementation - for the duration of the contract; after this period, your data will be processed for purposes related to the control of our activities, for which we are obliged by the provisions on the protection of personal data and the period of limitation of your claims, but not longer than 5 years;
  3. Delivery and assembly services for the duration of the contract; after this period, your data will be processed for purposes related to the control of our activities, for which we are obliged by the provisions on the protection of personal data and the period of limitation of your claims, but not longer than 5 years;
  4. Acquired data about the way you use our website (via cookies) and data processed in our marketing database - throughout the period when you are our client and later for 5 years from the time when you stopped being our customer (you stopped using the services provided by us services and you did not make purchases in our store).


We process all personal data in accordance with applicable law, in particular in accordance with the provisions of the Act on Personal Data Protection and the General Data Protection Regulation. We follow the following rules when processing your personal data:

  1. We process only data that is necessary to achieve a given processing goal;
  2. Through this document we give you full information about the rules for processing your personal data by us - you have access to knowledge about what is happening to your data;
  3. We make every effort to ensure that your personal data in our system is up to date and true. If you find that in some area your personal data have not been updated or are incorrect, please contact us at;
  4. When processing your personal data, we use organizational and technical measures in accordance with the applicable law, including encryption of the connection by means of an SSL certificate;
  5. We want to be able to account for each of our activities on personal data, so that in the event of your inquiry, they can provide you with reliable information about what actions we have carried out on your data.


The personal data protection law gives you a number of rights that you can use at any time. All you need to do is contact the designated Inspector by email. Your rights include:

  1. The law to access your personal data - you have the law to obtain information about whether we process your personal data and to access your personal data at our disposal;
  2. The law to rectify the data - you may request us to rectify your personal data if it is inaccurate, or supplement it when it is incomplete. At any time, registered users in our store can directly improve their data by making appropriate changes to their profile;
  3. The law to limit data processing - you have the law to request us to limit the processing of data, in which case they will be stored solely for the purpose of claiming and defending claims;
  4. The law to request the removal of data (being forgotten) - you have the law to request that we delete your personal data in a situation where it is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected;
  5. The law to transfer data to another data controller - you can ask us to export the data you provided to us in the course of all our contacts and all cooperation to a separate file, for further transfer to another data controller;
  6. The law to object - you are also entitled to the so-called object to the processing of your personal data. You place it when you do not want us to process your personal data for a specific purpose (eg for marketing purposes). In this case, we will continue to process your data for other processes (for other purposes), but not for the purpose for which you objected

You can use the above rights by contacting our Personal Data Inspector. Just send a message to or send a letter to the address "MP STUDIO", ul. Lipowa 14, 63-645 Łęka Opatowska with the inscription "My personal data.

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