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The hallway in every apartment is a place where a mirror should be indisputably. It is here that the household members and their guests check their appearance before each exit, that the clothes fit well, and the hairstyle does not require corrections. It can also be an interesting decorative accent in a usually small hall where there is no space for other decorations. When choosing its location and size, it is good to take into account the height of the household members and whether it is possible to see the entire figure in it. It is also important to properly illuminate it, preferably if the light falls on the person standing in front of the mirror. When arranging the hall, think about what kind of mirror you are looking for.

A stylish mirror in an upholstered frame? Smaller, classic with a wooden frame? Wall mounted or standing? This is because when properly selected, mirrors create a specific atmosphere, becoming a decorative element, and at the same time optically enlarging and illuminating the room. So, mirror, tell me who has the most beautiful house in the world?


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