Delivery of goods

As an honest seller, we offer all our customers a safe transport. We know that the furniture is particularly delicate assortment, which must reach to you without any damage. We are also aware of how important the issue is the terms of the contract. Every time we make every effort to delivery as short as possible. About the ways in which the performance of the contract, and which factors influence the speed of shipping you can read here.


Available forms of transport

Depending on the type of goods ordered and the size of the order, the products have been purchased from deliver:

1. Our transport company - is the most secure form of delivery of the goods, which is a guarantee that the goods will not be damaged during transportation. Our cars are delivered mainly furniture large overall dimensions and furniture packs. Supplies realize from Monday to Saturday.

2. Through the shipping company - this type of transport sector pallet consignments, which provide chairs, sofas, furniture packs. Deliveries are made Monday through Friday.

3. Courier DPD, UPS and DHL - applies to parcels up to 30 kg and pallet consignments for operator DHL. Courier companies deliver small in size goods, such as chairs, armchairs, footstools, furniture in packs. The transports are carried out from Monday to Friday.

When you buy several products in the store or at our auctions for shipping you pay only once. After ordering Service Store will contact you to choose the most optimal and cheapest form of delivery. If your shopping cart value exceeds the amount of 4000 (only applies to shipping in Polish), ordered furniture provide you completely for free. For more information about the delivery free of charge here.

Transportation of furniture does not include their bringing to the apartment. The customer must arrange their own right amount of people for bringing the goods to the destination. It may also buy additional service.


Shipping costs

Cost of delivery of goods purchased in our store are as follows: 18 PLN, 20 PLN, 40 PLN, 70 PLN, 100 PLN, 120 PLN and 160 PLN and relate only to shipping of furniture to addresses in Poland . Transport service price depends on the number of ordered goods, its dimensions and weight. Information about shipping cost is visible during the ordering process and involves the entire contents of the shopping cart. In the case of telephone or mail orders, our consultants will calculate the cost of delivery and notify the customer in order to accept it. Each order, the value of which exceeds 4000 provide you for free.


Complaints shipments

All goods sent through external companies (forwarding, DHL, UPS, DPD) are always insured. This means that in the event of loss or damage packages we are able to without any additional costs to provide you with a new, full value product. Do not toss our customers the obligation to enforce their rights in courier operators. Complaints and compensation take on your shoulders.

It is the responsibility of each customer to verify the contents of the package in the presence of the courier. If a defect is found merchandise, you must write an appropriate report the damage. Remember that in our store, no such protocol will not result in rejection of your application. Therefore, if You noted a defect of the goods, please contact our Customer Service. More about the complaints you will learn here.


Receive personal

Ordered goods can free pick up from our office at the following address:

MP STUDIO, ul. Lipowa 14, 63-645 Łęka Opatowska

See main warehouse opening hours  

On request, we can protect and pack furniture to transport. For this purpose, please let us know and determine in advance the date and time of receipt of goods.


Shipping abroad

Our furniture will ship also outside the Polish borders. We deliver goods to EU countries such as: Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Italy. Shipments execute on pallets via the shipping company. Smaller packages (chairs, footstools, stools) provide the operator DPD. In order to transport pricing, please contact our Customer Service. 


If you need more information about delivery and its specific terms or you want to measure transport - contact by phone or email Customer Service store. Our data refer to the Contact. 

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Pleasant communication, fast shipping.
Very helpful Customer service. They had the fabric i needed and shipment to Denmark was fast.