Inspiration: "Interesting ideas for decorating the hallway"

When we build a house or face a major renovation of the apartment, we come to the stage of finishing the interior and its proper arrangement. The development of small spaces that are responsible for communication in our "four corners" can be a particular challenge. After all, the corridor also deserves a little attention. So if you ask yourself how to arrange a hall to be not only functional, but also elegant, we have prepared for you some inspiration that will make furnishing this corner of the house easier.


Ławeczka do przedpokojuPainting is the easiest way to change the face of the hall. The colors that we will use must be adapted to the style and architecture of the apartment, because it's easy to make mistakes that can expose us to additional costs and unnecessary stress. How to deal with this task? First of all, pay attention to the amount of light that reaches (or not) to this part of the apartment. Narrow hallways are characteristic of old buildings and often found in blocks of flats. Heavy, intense colors can further overwhelm the hall and optically reduce it. Therefore, try to choose bright, warm colors for the walls, so that your hallway simply becomes cozy. The interior painted in this way can be enlivened with one accent in the form of a seat cushion or upholstered bench, made of fabric with a juicy color. In a situation where you have a larger room, e.g. with a window, the palette of possible shades to apply increases. However, remember that the hall is the main communication route, so pay attention to the quality of the material used. It is worth buying stain resistant paints to enjoy the perfect color for many seasons, and in case of dirt appear - quickly and conveniently get rid of it.


A modern hall is one that invites guests to explore the rest of the house. It announces what we can expect in the daytime zone when it comes to style. In many houses, the vestibule is often a vestibule with a wardrobe. Even if the corridor does not have a representative function, but only a place to store things, its design should be taken care of. What decorations will be perfect for the hall decor? Regardless of the form of arrangement, they must be durable materials, preferably moisture resistant, which they will come into contact during rainy weather and wet clothing that we bring from outside. Therefore, a popular way of arranging the hallway is stone and structures that imitate it. It is a durable and solid material that looks extremely elegant and noble. When using architectural concrete, granite or sandstone on the wall, there is no need to include additional details in the design, because the stone itself is already a stylish interior decoration.
Ławki tapicerowane
For people who want to move away from the harsh climate and want to build a cozy hallway, the installation of upholstered panels will be an extremely interesting idea. These are individual segments made of furniture board, foam and high-quality washable fabric, which are placed on a special base and then installed on the wall. The whole creates a kind of mosaic of cubes and looks really phenomenal. The panels allow building a part of the hall and practical connection on a small area of ​​individual furniture - shoe cabinets, dressers and hangers. Thanks to this solution, from the very threshold of your apartment you will feel the home warmth that invites you to make yourself comfortable. Another material suitable for the arrangement of the hall is wood. Projects using the Scandinavian style are very popular in Poland, because they are a kind of return to nature. And it is not about the ubiquitous varnished wood paneling in the 90s. Currently, trends are around the hallway accessories made of solid wood, such as boxes, poufs, umbrella stands, wooden consoles and shelves. Sometimes oak is also used to decorate the walls in the form of vertical or horizontal slats, which are designed to break the cool colors of the interior. Regardless of the size of the hall, some of the above ideas should be rethought to be able to use every centimeter of the hall and create a harmonious preview of what awaits us in other rooms of the house.

Otwierany kufer z kołatką HALL FURNITURE

The hall should be a showcase of the apartment, despite the fact that we do not spend many hours in it during the day and it plays a largely communicative role. However, after opening the door, it is the hall that greets each guest, being a kind of link between home comfort and the outside. Most often it is not too big, some do not have it at all. After all, we encourage you to separate a zone where you can leave your coat, change shoes, look in the mirror and freely welcome the family. To this end, you need to equip this place with functional, modern furniture, without forgetting about their comfort. The hall will certainly not do without a sliding wardrobe with many shelves. Inside you will find a practical hanger on which to hang seasonal clothing. If the corridor is short and narrow, be sure to choose a wardrobe with mirrored fronts, which will allow optical enlargement of the interior, and at the same time the whole will gain character. In addition to caring for a comfortable space planning, when choosing furniture for arranging a vestibule, analyze the needs of your family so that everyday preparations for going out are simply stress-free. Next to the large wardrobe, an interesting solution will be a cabinet for shoes or a trunk with a container. In this way you will avoid the problem of shoes bustling under your feet, and access to slippers will be neatly hidden. Importantly, the upholstered trunk will also serve as a comfortable seat and a beautiful hallway decoration. You can also design a cabinet as a changing room. A simple patent is a custom-made seat cushion that has two usable sides. Its pattern and color will match the style of the room. We suggest using an intense shade, such as turquoise, purple or yellow, which will slightly revive the design of the entire hall. If you have more space, an irreplaceable piece of furniture in the hall will be a quilted bench, made of solid wood and upholstered in modern fabric. The skillful combination of the best components with the original design means that this type of 2-seater seats does not overwhelm the other accessories used in the decoration. Benches look sensational in a well-lit space, they work well both in the presence of tiles and panels. The arrangement of the hall should also harmonize with the door, and more specifically their colors. In order not to overdo the amount of colors, bet on a classic that will suit everything. Our types are gray and white - fashionable and neutral colors.


How you furnish the hall depends primarily on the amount of space available. So if you dream about a large wardrobe that will prevent communication and free movement, then you have to abandon these plans and then find another solution - tailored to the space you have. The key to success will be the choice of buildings that will guarantee the right organization for every exit. A thoughtful wardrobe will have a positive effect on the organization of other rooms. So where to start? As we wrote, evaluate honestly what you can afford. A small hallway in the apartment is a zone where ready-made, compact systems, such as laminated board wardrobes, are most often used. These segments have the most important functions related to the storage of outerwear, footwear and umbrellas. They will contain space for keys, hats and other small items. The mirror together with the wardrobe will be useful when creating styling and will optically enlarge the corridor. On the other hand - with a large family and the need for additional shelves - such a module will not pass the exam, although it can be expanded with other elements (a 2-door wardrobe or an additional chest of drawers), maintaining the consistency of style and color. More household members mean a larger hallway, and thus more opportunities to design its proper functionality. Therefore, if you have enough space in the hall, you do not have to limit the equipment of this part of the house to one segment. The space gives you comfort for free management of wardrobes, lighting and decorations. The original idea, facilitating the organization from the threshold of the apartment, will certainly be a system of storage compartments that can be arranged in the wall next to the door. Storage is never too much, so the key to success will be the ingenious design of the hall. Of course, the spacious wardrobe is irreplaceable in the wide corridor, which will fit the wardrobe of the whole family. Be sure to choose furniture with bright colors, then they will brighten the interior and give it a light, cozy character. When choosing a niche with a soft cushion, think about spot lighting of such a zone. Ceiling-mounted halogen lamps will work great in this role. You can illuminate the rest of the room with milder, diffused light. Many of the above solutions will help you create a practical hall. It is important that the direction in which you go with the arrangement is consistent with the style of the whole apartment. Try to make the hallway a bit intriguing. Let it encourage you to cover the rest of the apartment. Thanks to this, daily departures and returns will be really pleasant.


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