Samples of fabric

In FitoutHOME prepared for you a wide and also offer a selected upholstery fabrics. We recommend only the best fabrics in its price class, thanks to this you have confidence that the furniture from our collections will be presented extremely elegantly, and the material will look like new for a long period of time. Offered fabrics are divided based on the criterion of price and quality. This has led to several groups of materials:

Basic fabrics - a standard offer store available to all upholstered furniture from our range. These materials reflect the division into 3 groups pricing, where  group III is the least expensive and provides a baseline for each piece of furniture, while group I is the most expensive of the basic collection. This division is as follows:

  • III price group (primary group includes textiles cheapest but not qualitatively worse, each fabric located in the same group determines the product price)
  • II price group ( intermediate group, all the fabrics in this group are eligible for one price of the product)
  • I price group (a group of the most expensive fabrics, includes materials with improved properties, including those washable, to know the price for the collection of the goods must be in the tab to change the price group)

Washable fabrics - materials that can be found in the second and price range. Due to their specific parameters established separate classification of these fabrics, so that each customer can effectively compare their advantages, and then select the material that will be most suitable for him.

Patterned fabrics - materials with distinctive textures and patterns, the most commonly used for decorative elements for furniture such as headboards, cushions, footstools and bed covers. They are usually jacquard fabric, woven polyester fiber, a lower abrasion resistance.

Italian fabrics - high quality materials make Italvelluti and ItalSenso with increased resistance to abrasion, not absorbing liquid. Prices of furniture in these collections are priced individually, and the delivery time is extended several working days.

Eco & Natural Look fabrics - materials with an admixture of natural fibers, such as cotton, viscose or linen. The group also includes fabrics with a linen structure and those suitable for recycling.


If you have questions or concerns related to the fabrics offered by us, please contact Customer Service at tel. +48 500 690 691.

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