Parameters of products

The characteristics of the goods are qualities that often determine your purchase. We are keenly aware of this and, therefore, for our clients we have prepared a practical guide to the parameters of furniture. Thanks to quickly and easily you will be able to identify and get to know the advantages of the range of goods from the store FitoutHOME. We hope that in this way, online shopping will become more pleasant, and every one of our customers before purchase, receive a full specification of the product it interesting. For questions related to the parameters of the goods, please contact Customer Service at +48 500 690 691. 


2 years warranty     2 years warranty - when used correctly warranty covers construction of products and quality workmanship

3 years warranty     3 years warranty - when used correctly warranty covers construction of products and quality workmanship

5 years warranty     5 years warranty - when used correctly warranty covers construction of products and quality workmanship

10 years warranty     10 years warranty - when used correctly warranty covers construction of products and quality workmanship 

7 hardness zones     7 hardness zones - contribution can be adapted to the anatomical structure of the body and optimum support to the back

Belgian automat     Belgian automat - a popular folding system used in furniture for occasional sleeping 

Automaton DL     Automat DL - automatic folding furniture without moving the feet on the ground

Automaton Klik Klak     Automat Klik Klak - folding furniture system as deckchairs

Automaton trolly     Automat trolly - folding furniture system based on a special trolley pull-out seat

Cellurar board     Cellurar board - product made of cellular board with a thickness of 45 mm

Cover 360 degrees     Cover 360 degrees - the product has sewn lock 360° for quick take off the cover 

Veneer     Veneer - furniture elements made of natural oak veneer

Sleep function     Function of sleep - piece of furniture with the ability to spread, having the function of sleep

Relax function     Function of relax - furniture decomposed with lie down to rest

Coconut mat     Mat coconut - increases the hardness of the mattress while maintaining its flexibility

Mattress antiallergic     Mattress antiallergic - made from raw materials that do not cause allergies

Mattress reversible     Mattress reversible - both sides of the mattress are usable

Mattress for children     Mattress for children - also available in a version for kids

Mattress orthopedic     Mattress orthopedic - recommended for people with diseases of the spine

Mattress medium-hard     Mattress medium-hard - product having an average hardness class

Mattress hard     Mattress hard - product with increased hardness

Product varnished     Product varnished - varnished wooden elements furniture stain color chosen by the customer

Soft seat     Soft seat - piece of furniture having a comfortable, soft seat

You can wash in 60°     You can wash in 60° - allowed to washing without the use of bleach and detergent

You can wash in 90°     You can wash in 90° - allowed to washing without the use of bleach and detergent

LED lighting     LED lighting - an element also available with LED lighting (for an extra charge)

Latex foam     Latex foam - its advantages are high stability and flexibility point, openings provide ventilation air

PU foam     PU foam - the primary product used in the manufacture of furniture, high strength and breathability

Thermoelastic foam     Thermoelastic foam - reacts to the heat generated human deformed returns to its original form

Highly elastic foam     Highly elastic foam - durable PU foam, has better flexibility and greatly increases the comfort of rest

Laminated board     Laminated board - product made of laminated board with a thickness of 16 mm

MDF board     MDF board - product is made of high quality MDF board with a thickness of 18 mm

Container for bedding     Container for bedding - piece of furniture has additional storage

Product Economic     Product Economic - goods are available in a cover Economic

Product quilted     Product quilted - furniture as standard quilted

Zipped cover     Zipped cover - the product has a lock 360 °, which makes it easier to cover

Selfconfident installation     Selfconfident installation - furniture comes in packages with hardware and instructions for self-assembly

Genuine leather     Genuine leather - furniture upholstery available in natural leather

Bonell spring     Bonell spring - made of high quality wire with a diameter of 2,2 mm, it is characterized by progressive resilience

Zig Zag spring     Zig zag spring - classic spring system used in the manufacture of furniture, very durable

Pocket spring     Pocket spring - each in a separate compartment, working independently of each other gives a "flexibility point "

Multipocket spring     Multipocket spring - ensures a greater amount of independent support points, their advantage is the comfort and durability

Wooden frame     Wooden frame - structure of the furniture is made of high quality wood

Metal frame     Metal frame - furniture structure based on a metal frame

Adjustable frame     Adjustable frame - you can use the frame or regulated electric

System LUX     System LUX - special arrangement of combining the advantages of wavy springs, bonell spring and highly elastic foam 

Silicone insert     Silicone microfiber insert - the product comprises a cartridge silicone-polyurethane, so that the pillows are more fluffy and flexible

Antifungal properties     Antifungal properties - product has characteristics that absorb moisture and prevent bacteria

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Very serious service. Rigorous customer follow-up.
Very helpful Customer service. They had the fabric i needed and shipment to Denmark was fast.