Basic fabrics

Design of furniture is just one plane, we suggest customers should be making purchases. Another issue which affects the appearance of the entire piece of furniture is his "clothes". Currently available fabrics differ not only in structure, composition, as well as a decorative motif and color palette. Popular are not only plush and velvet, as well as fabric weaving, smooth materials, decorative fabrics, jacquard and chenille. For very demanding clients Tapestry fabrics are available in shiny belts and materials English and Provencal with a floral motif. There is a huge range of organic and natural leather. Are gaining popularity washable materials with unique properties that allow the free removal of stains and dirt. Often a combination of different species of fabrics creates unique, modern and practical furniture that meet the ever increasing demands of customers. 

For convenience and clarity of choice, our collection is divided into 3 groups, which determine the final price of the furniture. III price group is a group starting price for all upholstered furniture. This means that the products in our store are automatically assigned to just this group of fabrics. The apparent price of furniture for all materials included in the group. Woven fabrics of the same group can be freely combined. II price group is a group of intermediate price. To know the price of the product for fabrics that are in this collection, you need to change a fabric article card. Product price updates immediately. I price group pricing is expensive and includes Jacquard fabric and washable. Click below and see the available materials:


III price group     II price group     I price group


We do our best to present photos fabrics shop pages are the most reliable. However, a presence of slight differences in the color of materials, resulting from your browser settings or monitor.

If you have not found what you're looking fabric or color, please contact our Customer Service at tel. +48 500 690 691. All available collections of our offer, you can purchase from 1mb. Detailed information will provide you with our consultants. 

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