Our furniture on the TV show "Nowy Aranż"

Our furniture on the TV show "Nowy Aranż"

"Studio in a rustic style" is the theme of the 4th episode of the second season of the WP TV program "Nowy Aranż". This time the main character is Ewa, who was submitted for the new edition by Milena's friend. Karolina Jakubowska, the host of the program, tries to change the face of the flat in two days, which turns out to be an unfinished and expressionless interior. With the help of a few people, a metamorphosis begins - there will be pastel colors on the walls, a comfortable bed, a corner for receiving guests and a wooden table with luxurious stools with golden accessories from FitoutHOME.

Hokery Mateo PIKCreating a cozy interior in a boho style with rustic accents is a real challenge - especially since there is little time for it. The formula of the program is conducive to quick action in such a way as to change the interior of the room in less than 48 hours to the expectations of the protagonist of the episode. Ewa's dream was to arrange the studio in an eye-catching style, in a slightly idyllic edition, because she lives in the countryside. Karolina, the decorator, found a spacious living room with a kitchenette on the spot. The bedroom part separated by a glass mezzanine looked impressive, but according to the host, the apartment was boring and empty - both the colors and the furniture had no common denominator that would create a coherent whole. So what was her plan to change this situation?

Karolina Jakubowska's idea for the new arrangement is a quick warming of the interior by repainting the walls of the bedroom and the fireplace. Blue and light beige combined with powdery pink curtains were to be the basis for the further metamorphosis of the studio. Floral rustic accessories allowed to fill the space, giving it a natural and homely character. The main point of the program was the refurbishment - the apartment has a new bed, a sofa with soft cushions and an upholstered armchair. The guide also creates a coffee table top to adapt part of the living room to meet friends.
Hokery Mateo PIK
An old wooden table has remained in the dining area, which fits perfectly with the theme of the episode. Instead of classic chairs, there are modern bar stools with thumbtacks and a knocker, which are an elegant culmination of the transformation. Mateo PIK is our prestigious collection of furniture, delighting with the richness of shapes and beautiful chesterfield quilting. Golden accessories are a substitute for luxury, which the host is not afraid to use in her projects - the knocker and push pins delicately refer to the colors of lamps, candlesticks and the gloss of velor pillows. The linen material covering the stools' seats is a return to what is natural, and the solid wood structure guarantees the durability of the furniture for many years. Warm, cozy and classy at the same time - this concept was created on the set of "Nowy Aranż".

Skilful combination of details can inspire you to create the interior you dream about. Therefore, be sure to watch the ideas that Karolina Jakubowska shares with the viewers. And when looking for furniture for the living room and dining room, remember that we have everything you need. If you want to watch the episode with our bar stools in action, please here.


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