"How to choose bar stools for the kitchen - inspirations and interiors"

"How to choose bar stools for the kitchen - inspirations and interiors"

Open kitchens that connect with the living room are a solution with which we often meet in house and flat designs. Their unquestionable advantage is the optical enlargement of the space, better lighting of rooms and the integration of household members who can have constant contact with each other. The function of the connector between the room and the kitchen can be used as a bar, table, sliding door, partition or kitchen island. The development of this part of the house is quite a challenge - on the one hand, it is worth trying to subtly divide these two interiors, on the other hand you can not disturb the free communication on the line kitchen - living room. So how to separate the kitchen space from the living room and what furniture to choose?


Bar stools with knockerThe decision to choose a closed or open kitchen is a fairly individual matter. It depends on our social and culinary tastes, and on whether we are pedantic and we like order. In the end, it has an impact on the perception of the place with home appliances to prepare meals from the living room perspective. We are in favor of the current trend in the division of interiors, that is open kitchen, which does not exclude the freedom of cooking, and at the same time allows you to keep eye contact with household members or guests. Importantly, the lack of any separator will be associated with the fact that the smell of dishes can long float in the living room, which is why we recommend choosing a type of barrier, that will not disturb the general nature of the living space.

It seems that the easiest and by far the most versatile idea for separating a kitchen from an open living room is a kitchen island and a bar. This first solution makes sense when it only serves as a worktop, on which there are no household appliances. If we arrange the island well, then from the side of the room it will look like a piece of furniture, allowing good organization of work and meals. A stylish bar, a counter top or a high table, which has been separated from the kitchen, can have a similar function. Fashion for combining the kitchen with the living room, and following it - the presence of high-tops in the home forced the necessity of the appearance of furniture that would guarantee convenience while eating and socializing. This is how the bar stools, or high bar chairs, gained popularity. Increasingly, it is not only comfortable seating, but also consistent with the character of the apartment - a modern decoration.
Bar stools from solid wood

When faced with the challenge of choosing the right bar stools, think about how often you will use them - everyday or occasionally? The answer to this question will help you find the perfect pattern, that will fulfill your role depending on the intensity of use. Remember to match their style both - to the interior of the dining room and the living room, so that the bar chairs do not introduce too much chaos, and have become the common denominator of these rooms. A timeless solution is wood hockers, which blend in well with furniture covered in structural fabric, brick walls and granite countertops. Regardless of the type of arrangement, solid beech wood as a fully natural product, will always find in the presence of plastics with a similar texture. Wooden bar stools with harder seats are recommended for dining rooms, which are supposed to be a place of temporary rest. The situation is different when the kitchen island is to serve as a table. Then, put on upholstered bar stools with a backrest, which guarantees comfort during meals. New on the market are high bar stools with a body built like a chair, equipped not only with a backrest, but also practical armrests. Thanks to this, the seating comfort is really high. A completely different range of products is created by metal bar stools - these designer furniture are created in the process of raw steel processing. The seats are mostly wooden. Such models are suitable for interiors designed in the industrial trend, in which space and light dominate.

Stylish bar stool to orderCurrently, bar stools in the upholstered version are the most often chosen because they create greater decorative possibilities. After all, furniture, beyond utility parameters, must look appropriate in our home. Therefore, we offer all customers a wide range of accessories and decorations to match the design of bar chairs to their own expectations. Quilting the back with buttons or crystals, contrasting piping, pushpin tape and chrome knocker - these are options that, combined with beautiful fabrics, will let everyone feel like a fashion creator. The principle is simple: you design - we do it. If you are at the stage of searching for bar stools for your island, be sure to check out the range of FitoutHOME.


The essence of the bar stools is that they have a higher seat than classic chairs. To be able to use them freely at the kitchen counter, be sure to adjust their height. It is assumed that the optimal difference between the seat and the tabletop should be about 18-22 cm. This space is enough to put a piece of furniture under the bar and provide the seated person with full freedom during conversation and eating meals. Even if you do not find the preferred size, in FitoutHOME you can order a bar stool to size with a seat height cut into a centimeter. In addition to the foot bar, which improves the functionality of the furniture itself, think about the version with a backrest. Such a pattern will help maintain a correct figure, which is especially important for the youngest.

When deciding on dining room bar stools, make sure that they are compatible with the character of the room in which they will stand. This stylish range of products fits perfectly in open kitchens, also in the company of upholstered furniture, decorative walls and shoulders. Regardless of whether the high chairs will only serve you to drink the morning coffee, or to sit on them during social events, we recommend choosing a wooden furniture as a universal solution for the whole family.

FitoutHOME is a real mine of modern, timeless and solid furniture for your home. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full range of furniture for the dining room!

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