Our realizations: "Damask Rose Restaurant"

Damask Rose is a restaurant in the very center of Warsaw, which among the bustling streets of a big city is an oasis of peace and a great place to eat a tasty meal. Unusual decor, atmospheric music, excellent Syrian cuisine and comfortable chairs and pillows which, thanks to us, decorate the interior of the restaurant - this is how you can describe a place where you will feel at home.

Restauracja Damask RoseWe agree that in a restaurant the most important thing is food - after all, this is the essence of a gastronomic establishment. However, if excellent dishes are also followed by an original interior arrangement that complements the dishes served, then such a place must be unique! Damask Rose is the quintessence of the Arab soul, in which various flavors, aromatic and colorful spices and the perfection of their serving intertwine. It is no different with the decoration of the room - it resembles the home of a wealthy aristocrat, waiting with the best for his guests.

From the entrance you can hear the sound of the water. All thanks to the ceramic fountain located further in the restaurant. Beautiful, oriental decorations in the form of jacquard curtains and tablecloths, gilded dishes, chandeliers, carved windows or stone statues are striking. While waiting for your order, you can listen to the atmospheric music and feel the scent of the Middle East. Interestingly, the owners of Damask Rose managed to integrate modern furniture into this traditional interior - modern chairs from the Tiziano collection.
Restauracja Damask Rose
The characteristics of this model of chair perfectly match the rich ornaments on the walls and ceiling. The quilted backrest is finished with a thick roller, which creates an elegant shape of the furniture. Curved legs with sharp edges, golden pushpins and a knocker are full of shine, luxurious accessories, which are an integral part of the oriental world. The whole is perfectly emphasized by the burgundy shade of the Soro fabric with a pleasant to the touch structure.

Due to the fact that the furniture is made to order from high-quality solid beech wood, each chair frame is stable and durable, so that it can serve customers for many years. As standard, we offer personalization of the product, which means individually matched color of the material and the color of the wood to the expectations of the buyer. This is why the Tiziano collection has become part of an atmospheric restaurant where the flavors harmonize so well with the space. We encourage you to visit this special place and not only try delicious dishes, but also sit comfortably in the FitoutHOME chairs.


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